Welcome to Lorbek Koenigsegg

For the first time ever, Australia and New Zealand will be offered the full range of Koenigsegg hypercars through our first Australian showroom, located within the Lorbek Luxury Cars precinct in Port Melbourne.

For over 24 years, Koenigsegg have been at the absolute cutting edge of automotive technology, having created countless patents which are now used by the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world and through the entire automotive industry.

Being a company born of one man’s vision, Koenigsegg have never been constrained by the mainstream school of thought. Totally self-taught and the very definition of a polymath, Christian’s ideas and innovations have allowed every Koenigsegg the reception and acclaim of only a small number of other cars ever built.

With new models on the horizon and the birth of a new hyper car dawn in Australia and New Zealand, the future for Koenigsegg is going to be nothing short of other worldly.

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Koenigsegg Australia opens in Melbourne

Publish Date - 25/06/2018

Koenigsegg’s newest dealership enjoyed a very warm reception at its launch last week, providing a much-appreciated injection of excitement into the Australian automotive landscape. Koenigsegg partnered with importer, Prodigy Automotive, and leading luxury dealership Lorbek Luxury Cars to establish the company’s first factory-authorised, full-service and aftersales representation in Australia. The launch began with an invitation-only...

Koenigsegg is coming to Australia

Publish Date - 16/05/2018

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is delighted to announce that Prodigy Automotive, in conjunction with Lorbek Luxury Cars, is now launching its first full service, factory authorized dealership in Australia. The Australian and New Zealand markets will now be able to purchase and enjoy the full range of vehicles and after sales services offered by Koenigsegg in other parts of the world – with full factory backing.

Koenigsegg Agera RSN breaks VMAX200 top speed record

Publish Date - 24/04/2018

The most recent Koenigsegg Agera RS to be delivered, badged as Agera RSN, took to the track last weekend in the United Kingdom and emerged with a new VMax200 top speed record.

VMax200 is a top speed event held several times per year at airfields around the UK. This edition of VMax was held on a 2.1km track at Kendew Barracks, east of Leicester.